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Ancient Charms, Amulets And Talismans

Emo Tend Healing - Well energized ancient spells, amulets and talismans for empower your life

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amulets for marriage

Happy Marriage

We make special Sarvajana Washi Akarshana Yantra for the delay of the marriage. It is good for both women and men. The blessing to the successful marriage is granted.

talismans for business

Business Development

The businessmen are able to gain an unbelievable development from our yantra. It is good keeping offering to the goddess of Maha Lakshmi for getting sudden profits.

amulets for education

Educational Lucky

Memory is increased wearing the Yantra of Saraswathi, after the complete offering is kept for the goddess of Saraswathi and energized. It gives a huge blessing to win the exams.

talismans for protection

Protection Shields

Put on the well energized yantra and then the offerings are kept for the goddesses of Badrakali and the god of Katharagama to make vanish the all enemy troubles.

The benefits of the Yantra and types of the Yantra

What is Field of Yantra? The white magic science is the subject which goes for thousand times backwards. History of our indigenous Yantra science spreads to the King of Rawana time. There are evidences that many kings in the ancient times wore the amulets to protect them from enemies’ troubles and victory. We can categorize the Amulets and Talismans as Buddha, Attraction, Vastu Dosa Removal, Removal of Planetary Problems, Devils Attractions’ Removal, Zodiac Signs, All Evils Removal and Removal Illnesses. The amulets are used to do evil works and good works, but I use this science only for the well being of mankind.

How to use yantras - Even though the yantra are written on the copper plate, it is a lifeless object till it is energized and prepared. Its activation is begun after the amulets were drawn and chanted from the chants in due times called putu, palippu, siddi and prana. These amulets can be worn on head, neck and hip for the planets problems, protection, evil proofing, attraction, business development, enemy problems, victory and all kind success. These amulets should be prepared and energized by keeping offerings properly, so that you may get success. Thus the amulets are kept for protection of the house, business place and vehicles. The amulets which have been prepared for selling lands should be buried on the land.

Buddha Yantra

Why are the Buddhist Amulets and Talismans differ from other types? These are those which have been energized by means of the paritta and sutra of our Lord Buddha preached. The few Buddhist Amulets and Talismans alias Buddha Yantra are Abisambidana, Rathna, Navaguna, Seevali, Buddharaja, Sri Buvaneshwari, Jayomunindassa, Thrivida, Vijayaraja, and Jayendra.

The power of the 37 things pertaining to enlightenment, Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, eternal noblest triple gem of blessing as well as the power of Angulimala Arahat Thera, Sariputta, Moggallana who were main Arahat disciples in the dispensation of our Gauthama Buddha is included in the Abisambidana Yantra. Because the Abisambidana Yantra has been energized from the Abisambidana Paritta and it’s included the powerful Aksara Yoga (traditional character combinations) which is in Abisambidana Paritta.

Buddha Yantra is much different from other Types. These are not necessary prana, puta, palippu, and siddi as other Amulets and Talismans need. Also, Buddha Yantra has activated promptly as well as the offerings kept for Buddhist Amulets and Talismans are differ. Any Buddhist Yantra doesn’t catch any foulness, so its power is lifelong if those are chanted correctly. These are easy to use, you no need to renew them occasionally. You can go anyplace wearing it such as a hospital or big girl party. If you write it on a gold plate and put it into a gold talisman then you can wear it as an ornament. Instead of gold, some people use silver plates & silver talismans. Some Buddhist Amulets and Talismans can cure Vastu Dosa (malfunctions of energies inside the house) such as Rathnamalie Yantra. It is working as Mandala. You can keep such Yantra on your altar.

Sri Lankan Gems Sri Lankan Stones

Nawarathna Gems and Genuine Natural Gemstones from Sri Lanka

All kinds of gemstones, nawarathna gems, feng shui items made from gemstones, and crystals that are used to attract success safely can purchase from us. Astrologically effective gems, crystals, semi-precious stones, and other types of pieces of jewelry can buy from us and we can deliver them to any country in the world. We do speed post and only you have to do deposit payment to our bank account. Birthstones, lucky stones, stones for zodiac signs, planetary gems, crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing, crystals bracelets, gemstones ornaments, 7 chakras om sterling silver natural gemstone bracelet, om mani padme hum Hindu beads, and crystal-based feng shui items can be created as your requirements. Our all stones are naturally found (not dyed material) and carefully hand-made. Yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, and healers can request custom-designed crystal pendants and bracelets.