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Ancient Spells, Amulets And Talismans

Emo Tend Healing - Sri Lankan yantra mantra gurukam for improving your life

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Sinhala Yantra Mantra Gurukam

Ancient Yantra Mantra Gurukam from Sri Lanka

We are a spiritual team, the ones who were delighted and wisely accepted the noblest triple gem of Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha through steady devotion, meditative, and also a relief to the suffering people with the help of Healing, Reading, Yantra, Mantra works. We make the amulets and talismans hundred percent accurately. We endeavor to protect and carry on our thousand times old fields of Yantra which come since our ancient king’s time such as Rawana and give assistance with a blessing to all problems as well as grievances of the whole people in the world.

Yantra we make - The yantra we create are completely drawn by hand. Thus, the amulet and talismans' drawing process begins according to a person’s birth time, zodiac sign, and ideal auspicious time. When we energize the amulet and talisman which we make, we keep the offering that suits that yantra and energize the yantra from prana, puta, palippu, siddi (traditional words for conjuration and incantation), and due chanting terms of the amulet and talisman. Whenever the yantra has energized the offerings which need for it differs from the amulet by amulet. The yantra’s effect and activation will be felt by the body and mind within a very short period after you wear it. The yantra which we energize is not caught for foulness because the yantra is energized by the chants of foul removal mantras.

Few names of the Yantra we Make

Abisambidana, Rathana, Siwali, Nawaguna, Jalanandana, Mathangeswari, Maha Mathangeswari, Badrakali, Sanjiwana, Silambara, Wijai, Asta Bahirawa, Sani Murthayunjaya Yantra, Raja Mandalaya, Wajra Mandalaya, Kanda Kumara, Krisna Wala Mandalaya, Sri Buwaneswari, Wijaya Rajaya, Nila Mandalaya, Agora, Panchasara Rathana, Nagarjuna, Wisnu Mandalaya, Nawagraha, Saraswathi, Buddharaja Yantra and many more...

Chanting cycles and prizes - Normally prizes of Yantra vary with chanting cycles, name of Yantra and offerings dedicated to that Yantra. We are energizing Yantra cycles of 108, 324, 1008, 10,000 and 100,000. Starting prize of the Yantra is Rs.5000 (USD50) and then upward. Using metal of the plate and the talisman also are effect to prize of Yantra. As an example - Abisambidana Yantra (with copper plate and copper talisman) chanted for 108 cycles is Rs.8500 (USD85), 324 cycles is Rs.15000 (USD150) & 1008 cycles is Rs.35000 (USD350) without shipping charges. Thus for complete one yantra it may take 7 days upto many months.

Also following yantra are full energized and prizes are USD 350
Rathana Yantra, Nawaguna Yantra, Siwali Yantra, Maha Vishnu Mandalaya, Neela Mandalaya, Surya Mandalaya, Shani Murthayunjaya, Sanjiwana Yantra, Jayendra Rajaya, Mathangeswari, Maha mathangeswari, Wijaya Rajaya, Sath Diwya Rajaya, Sri Krishna Wala Mandalaya, Wajra Mandalaya, Sarwajana Washi, Kalaeli Washi, Kandha Kumara, Jalanandana, Wina Harana Yantraya, Shiwali Murapathi, Nagarjuna, Sarwaloka Washi, Bhumiwanija Yantraya and Sri Buwaneswari Yantra.

What are the special facts of us comparing with other yantra makers?

We do Yantra, Mantra, Reading, and Healing works in different paths more than other yantra makers. It would better energize the yantra many times, 324 times, 1008 times, 10,000 times, and 100,000 times. It takes a long time for energizing the amulets and talismans 10,000 and 100,000 times. Sometimes it needs to create a separate little house. But we energize the amulets and talismans 108 and 324 times from the chants of prana, puru, palippu and saddi (traditional words for incantations and conjurations) and stand up the chair after the yantra are put into the cylinder. We don’t agree with standing up from the chair once or time by a time. After the customer wore the amulet, merits are offered to all guardian angels of her or his eternal transmigration circle by making their guardian angels powerful. Many people don’t know that they have related guardian angels. We teach them the path and how they take help from them making them powerful. We explain and give knowledge to our customers of the things we know about the Yantra, and Mantra sciences without keeping any secrets. Because Yantra, Mantra science must be passed through to our future generation.

Light Reading - Anjanam Reading

Our Customer’s Praise - customers who took our service said that they felt the activation of the yantra physically and mentally within a few days after they were worn energizing. Also, they bless us giving merits and all goddesses and gods' blessing may be got. Many people praise us due to we are a vegetarian while doing mantra yantra works as well as meditative people. Also, they say that there is a remarkable strength in our hand-drawn amulets and talismans.

Mostly the businessmen are taking services from us. The reason for it is that they have a big trust in the Sarvajana Washi Akarshana Yantra (the talisman of universal money attractions) in addition to that, the teachers, doctors, accountants, spiritual mentors, famous astrologers, and educators are very interested to take our services for the planetary problems and success.

Our Team

Mrs. D.C.R. Malkanthi works as a psychological counselor and angel healer. She has wide experience in welfare servicing and she is a government officer in Sri Lanka. She mainly helps rural village people to succeed in their life. She has a degree in Art from the University of Kelaniya.

Mr. Brian Ranasinghe is a software engineer and Vedic Astrologer. He has more than 20 years of experience in analyzing horoscopes internationally. He studies and practices much occult stuff such as tarot card reading, oracle card reading, energy healing, angel healing, and divine rituals. He has an IT diploma from NMIT, Australia.

Mr. Krishan Kashun is a ritualist and yantra maker. He has experience in divine temples, divine rituals, and Buddhist rituals since his childhood. Also, he works as a sales manager in our team. He is a businessman who runs his own products. He is keen on drawing ancient amulets and talismans, as well as energizing them. His whole life went on researching yantra, mantra, and divine powers.

Articles in our Blog

All articles on our website and blog are written by human mentors who have knowledge and experience in spiritual practice. We share the knowledge that came from our teachers. This website and blog don’t have AI-created or robot-made articles.

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