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Ancient Charms, Amulets And Talismans

Emo Tend Healing - Well energized ancient Sri Lankan amulets and talismans for empower your life

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Few names of the amulets I make

Abisambidana, Rathana, Siwali, Nawaguna, Jalanandana, Mathangeswari, Maha Mathangeswari, Badrakali, Sanjiwana, Silambara, Wijai, Asta Bahirawa, Sani Murthayunjaya Yantra, Raja Mandalaya, Wajra Mandalaya, Kanda Kumara, Krisna Wala Mandalaya, Sri Buwaneswari, Wijaya Rajaya, Nila Mandalaya, Agora, Panchasara Rathana, Nagarjuna, Wisnu Mandalaya, Nawagraha, Saraswathi, Buddharaja Yantra and many more...

Chanting cycles and prizes - Normally prizes of Yantra vary with chanting cycles, name of Yantra and offerings dedicated to that Yantra. We are energizing Yantra cycles of 108, 324, 1008, 10,000 and 100,000. Starting prize of the Yantra is Rs.5000 (USD50) and then upward. Using metal of the plate and the talisman also are effect to prize of Yantra. As an example - Abisambidana Yantra (with copper plate and copper talisman) chanted for 108 cycles is Rs.8500 (USD85), 324 cycles is Rs.15000 (USD150) & 1008 cycles is Rs.35000 (USD350) without shipping charges. Thus for complete one yantra it may take 7 days upto many months.

Also following yantra are full energized and prizes are USD 350
Rathana Yantra, Nawaguna Yantra, Siwali Yantra, Maha Vishnu Mandalaya, Neela Mandalaya, Surya Mandalaya, Shani Murthayunjaya, Sanjiwana Yantra, Jayendra Rajaya, Mathangeswari, Maha mathangeswari, Wijaya Rajaya, Sath Diwya Rajaya, Sri Krishna Wala Mandalaya, Wajra Mandalaya, Sarwajana Washi, Kalaeli Washi, Kandha Kumara, Jalanandana, Wina Harana Yantraya, Shiwali Murapathi, Nagarjuna, Sarwaloka Washi, Bhumiwanija Yantraya and Sri Buwaneswari Yantra.

Nawarathna Gems and Genuine Natural Gemstones from Sri Lanka

All kinds of gemstones, nawarathna gems, feng shui items made from gemstones, and crystals that are used to attract success safely can purchase from us. Astrologically effective gems, crystals, semi-precious stones, and other types of pieces of jewelry can buy from us and we can deliver them to any country in the world. We do speed post and only you have to do deposit payment to our bank account. Birthstones, lucky stones, stones for zodiac signs, planetary gems, crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing, crystals bracelets, gemstones ornaments, 7 chakras om sterling silver natural gemstone bracelet, om mani padme hum Hindu beads, and crystal-based feng shui items can be created as your requirements. Our all stones are naturally found (not dyed material) and carefully hand-made. Yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, and healers can request custom-designed crystal pendants and bracelets.

Contact me for yantra mantra services

What information needed : Your birth date, birth nakatha, full name and current problems. Otherwsie you must send copy of your horoscope (or your birth date, birth time and birth place) with your full name.

Bank Details for payments :
Account Name - D.K.K.Gayantha. Account Number - 7795 4497. Bank Name - Bank of Ceylon (BOC), Piliyandala Branch. SWIFT Code - "BCEYLKLX".

For Foreign Clients - Transfer your payments via Xoom, Western Union or Money Gram as following details, Receiver's Name: Mr. D.K.K.Gayantha. (If system ask first name, You can enter Krishan) Receiver's details as below. Please email correctly - MTCN number, your full name and your current country. Cash at Agent Location is option, still Sri Lanka is not allowed to send money to banks in Western Union.

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Piliyandala. Sri Lanka

(+94) 70 405 6033

(+94) 77 008 0577, 75 659 4859