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Best Angel Tarot Deck Spreads for Questions

Emo Tend Healing - Take tarot card reading for today and get a free energy healing session

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Chakra Energy Healing

Chakra Energy Healing

The daily life we face many challenges that cause our energy body and chakras are polluted. You might feel a tired and dull mood, so we can reenergize your energy field with our energy healing. Order 30 minute session for just USD 20.

Angel Healing and Angel Reading

Angel Energy Healing

Archangel Raphael and our ancient deities who worshiped for more than 5000 years help you to fix your damaged energy body. Here we can call any angel to heal you under an ancient temple where have full of positive vibes.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings

Did you feel to take advice from your guardian angel or spirit guide? Then you come to the right place. I have natural inborn psychic abilities to radiate light on your confusion. Order USD 20 reading for one question.

Lord Buddha

Buddhist Rituals

We do Buddhist rituals to bless your career life, education, VISA purposes, and other areas in life. We offer traditional offerings for Lord Buddha and transfer merits to your guardian angels. We chant Buddha verses for your success.

What are the other rituals that I do except yantra?

Palm Reading – Palmistry

Palmistry is an ancient science that analyzes main lines, subtle lines, various marks, symbols, and skin tone and predicts past, present, and future. It is one kind of fortune-telling. This science came 5000 years ago. A seer called Samudra found out about this science hence called Hast Samudrika Shastra. There have various methods and analyzing ways for reading your palm. Our method is looking at the left hand for females and the right hand for males. We provide details about your life expectancy, health problems, fatality, obstacles, accidents, career life, business life, enemy troubles, foreign travels, travels, your direction of life, education, marriage, money and many more. If you have any questions, you can direct them to us anytime. We email you reports and readings. Please don’t call for these services, you only should send us an email or text message. We don’t answer for calling. The mobile camera can use to make very close images of your palm and send them to us. Fees: USD 55.

Palm Reading - Palmistry

Custom Spells / Buddhist Rituals / Divine Rituals

I mainly keep Bodhi Puja (Buddhist Rituals do under the tributed tree in the ancient temple) and bless to the people who are suffering from troubles. Instead of the rituals related to the yantra, I dedicate to prepare the amulets as well as I do rituals to sell the lands which get obstacles for selling, for the protection, the development of the business, marriage delaying, planetary problems and educational success. In the meantime I prepare incense for the success of the business. I am able to render a prompted and obvious benefit to the people who are suffering from the problems mainly through the five subjects called Yantra, Spells, Rituals, Attractions and Protections.

Custom Spells for Love, Work and Family

Oracle Card Reading Online with free Energy Therapy

Same Day Love Tarot Reading

I am a psychic reader with over 10 years of experience. I use tarot cards to read your higher-self that the deep energy field of your soul, so I can see what the future has in store for you. I have experience dealing with problems in love, career, and health, as I have done many personal readings before. For me to better understand your unique energy, I will need you to send me any of your most pressing love or career questions, any thoughts or fears you might have regarding the possible outcome of an uncertain situation. You will only need USD 60 to ask me three separate questions. You get to choose which questions you want to ask me. It is up to you to ask me anything regarding love, career, desired outcomes and I will then answer according to what the cards have shown me. All questions are welcomed. You might ask me questions about love, soulmates, your dreams, and your career and I will answer all your career related questions for you, just by reading the cards that have been dealt for you.

One Question Oracle Card Readings

Asking a question will help me concentrate on my angel card reading and see what energies you have surrounding you in the present as well as what kind of energies you might have awaiting you in the future. I will start a angel card reading guided by your most personal question, so I can seek out the answer, by pulling a selection of tarot cards for you. Every tarot card will give me the answers you seek and will help me see your surrounding energy. Together we can find a way to remove the obstacles that have been standing in the way of your true purpose and your true heart's desire. To ask one question angel oracle card reading is only USD 20.

Sending Healing Energy for You

A angel healing cards will give me just enough time to see what has been keeping you stuck for the present time. I can read what the angels have in store for you, what exactly awaits you on the road that lies ahead. I can also tell you that all angel card reading come with a free angel energy healing session, so at the end of every reading, I will also be able to send you a whole half-hour of angel blessings and pure energy, as I let the healing angels show me the best ways to help you. I will pull out a final angel healing card for you, to help you see what energies you have currently surrounding your life. As you see, my readings are here to help you get a sense of direction and to guide you on your true path, a path where you can finally be at one with your true self. My readings offer more than just predictions. The angel healing cards can also show me what steps you must take to achieve success and happiness. I have helped others like you before. That is my gift. My angel tarot card deck can help me find your soul contract in this earthy life. Let me help you, to fill your life with love and light!

Chakra Empower, Colorize and Tune

Chakra Balancing and Healing

Chakras provide energy to the different parts of the body as taught by seers. But they are not opened in an average person. As you meditate for a long time, some chakras may open, including the third eye. Opening a chakra is like opening the petals of a lotus flower (bud). Once they are fully opened they can spin or rotate and provide maximum energy to balance the body. Think of a rusty wheel that can be fine-tuned by putting oil into it. So does the tuning of a charka. A chakra healer or pranic healer can retouch the chakra that is already opened to make it work better. Sometimes they can close because of inactivity or by not meditating for a while. Usually, a healer's chakras stay open because the healer is continuously doing healing work and meditating while doing so. A healer can also repair or heal a chakra of another person by hands-on healing and meditating with that person. This can be done with your photo or knowing your name, date of birth, and residence city.

Do you know that weaken seven chakras helps to get illnesses and objections to your development? We can empower, colorize and tune your chakra so that you can live like a divine being and miracle person. Wherever you stayed in the world we can tune, empower your chakra and colorize them. We have powerful chakra balancing meditation techniques and gemstone treatments to empower your seven chakras. We break and remove all other spells, curses, hexes, negative thoughts, negative thoughtforms that anyone sent you by them or anyone they paid/traded to put on you, so you will feel total relaxation. Finally, we put the Ring of Protection around you, your money, family, relationships, and everything that belongs to you. We do this healing for seven days. Our chakra energy healing is safe, so your seven chakras may well balancing in their frequencies and you may be well-grounded. The service charge is USD 140.

Abisambidana fragrance and incense sticks

This fragrance is used as aroma therapy for houses and business premises. This powder is chanted and energized from great Abisambidana Paritta, some blissful mantras and rare Lakshmi mantra which is found in ancient ola-leak booklet. I’m pure vegetarian and did all stuff in clean way. This aroma powder contains ten ingredients of herbal products such as white and red sandalwood powder. When you light this aroma powder inside your home or business premise, you can cut off all negative spirits, black magic, negative spells, evil eyes and bad luck. You will receive blessing from all Buddhist deities and great mother goddess of Lakshmi. You can light this aroma in early in the morning about 7AM and evening at 6pm. Incense sticks also are prepared from same way but easy to use. Aroma power can order as 50g packets and each one is Rs.100. Incense sticks can order as amount of 150, 1500, 15000 packets. Please contact us for order these fragrance and incense sticks

Bodhi Puja for people those who live in abroad

Buddhist Rituals for Clients those who live in Abroad

Bodhi puja meaning the veneration of Bodhi Tree is the ritual to worship the Bodhi Tree and the deity residing on it [Pali- RUKKH DEVATA] it is done by giving various offerings such as foods, water, milk, lamps, incense, etc. And chanting the verses of the glory of Bodhi Tree in pali. The most common verse is IME ETE MAHA BODHI LOKANATHENA PUJITHA AHAMPITHE NAMASSAMI BODHI RAJA NAMASTTHUTE.

Bodhi puja is common merit work done by every Buddhist to respect the wisdom of Buddha. Hence we must know how can perform Bodhi puja correctly, before doing a Bodhi puja. We must wash our bodies and go to the temple wearing a white cloth. Firstly we must clean the temple. We must prepare fresh pure water mixed with some sweet smells or flowers like jasmine into a pitcher. Also, we need flowers, incense sticks, and oil lamps for the Bodhi puja. This puja is done with respect to the unlimited wisdom of Lord Buddha which attained near the Bodhi Tree.

Firstly we must offer flowers in front of the Bodhi Tree, light oil lamps, and incense sticks. After that, for a small amount of time, you must do simple meditation then we can chant some Buddha worshiping verses or we can recall the nine virtues of Lord Buddha via our mind. Then we must take the water pitcher into hand and go around the Bodhi Tree and recall nine virtuous. Then pour the water into the Bodhi Tree. After that, we can sit down and chant Buddhist sutras loudly such as KARANIYA METTA, RATANA, and MAHAMANGALA, etc. Then again we must meditate some time such as 15 minutes then transfer merits to gods and guardian angels asking the blessing of Bodhi puja to achieve success in life, overcome ill, effects of bad periods in life as spotted by astrologers cure illnesses, ensure long lives and planetary malfunctions.

Bodhi puja is performed frequently by devotees seeking blessings of the sacred Bodhi Tree. Bodhi puja can be performed for any Bodhi Tree in a temple. Also, Bodhi puja helps to reduce our negative Karmic energy and activate our past life positive karma. Also doing Bodhi puja help us to gain success in life both in the material world and for wisdom from a psychological perspective. Bodhi puja helps to reduce our stress, make our minds calm and increase wisdom.

Pick up the Bo leaves and cleaning arrears in temples and Bodhi Tree help to rebirth with full healthy body and organs, get golden color soft skin, strong body, long lifetime, earn popularity, get rid of skin sicknesses, gods become attractive to us, repeal enemies and develop wisdom. Ways we do Bodhi puja can differ according to people’s planetary malfunctions.

To keep Bodhi puja for people who live in foreign countries, we keep 9 herbal medicines, 108 medicinal incense sticks, 9 oil lamps for Lord Buddha, 9 oil lamps for Bodhi Tree, 9 oil lamps for Stupa, 324 white flowers, white lotus flowers including drinks puja. Finally, according to the evil effects of plants, we tied a bara to the god for you. We charge USD 60 for this puja.

When I gave assistance to people those who live in abroad or do jobs in there by keeping bodhi puja, I firstly see and through the divine screen (aduna or anjanama) for what god offering should be kept how should the offerings be kept, in which gods help him or her much. And do meritorious works for their guardian angels by making those angels powerful too. We can invoking any angels, gods, goddesses, and ascended masters and then transfer merits energy of the good deeds and make them bound to you, so they can support you throughout your life.

Sri Lankan Gems Sri Lankan Stones

Nawarathna Gems and Genuine Natural Gemstones from Sri Lanka

All kinds of gemstones, nawarathna gems, feng shui items made from gemstones, and crystals that are used to attract success safely can purchase from us. Astrologically effective gems, crystals, semi-precious stones, and other types of pieces of jewelry can buy from us and we can deliver them to any country in the world. We do speed post and only you have to do deposit payment to our bank account. Birthstones, lucky stones, stones for zodiac signs, planetary gems, crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing, crystals bracelets, gemstones ornaments, 7 chakras om sterling silver natural gemstone bracelet, om mani padme hum Hindu beads, and crystal-based feng shui items can be created as your requirements. Our all stones are naturally found (not dyed material) and carefully hand-made. Yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, and healers can request custom-designed crystal pendants and bracelets.