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Ancestral Talismans for Good Luck and Prosperity

Emo Tend Healing - We make essential oils, amulets, and talismans as advised by palm leaf manuscripts

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Traditional Yantra Images

Traditional Yantra

These copper-plated yantras are creating and energizing as ancestral palm leaf books in Sri Lanka and India. These amulets and talismans can wear around the neck as a pendant or secretly wear around the hips.

Wallet and Pocket Yantra

Wallet Yantra

This bank’s ATM card size yantra can keep in your pocket as modern-day life. Normally these yantras are cheap and you can create under your special needs. Some yantra has only one symbol of positive energy such as Sri Yantra.

Pendant type Yantra

Pendant Yantra

Silver coin size yantra (amulet coins) with the ancient symbol of the energy. We chant this Pendant from relevant mantra and easy to use. Highly suitable for spiritual type new age ladies. Even you can order a gold pendant.

Goddess of Saraswati

Saraswati Yantra

The Goddess of Saraswati is the divine power of education, music, and fine art. She gives literature knowledge for success in education. Sometimes considered as the consort of Maha Brahma. We make Saraswati essential oils and yantra.

History of the Amulets and Talismans

Across human history, there have been many different cultures and many different religions. However, they are not all completely different. In a lot of these cultures and religions, meaning is often bestowed to amulets and talismans. They are often present in cultures and religions in one form or another with the purpose of protecting those who possess them. But, what exactly is amulet meaning? Lets look at amulet definition and what we make for you.

Amulets and Charms

What is an amulet? An amulet is largely seen as a good luck charm. Any object believed to provide protection to the possessor can be defined as an amulet, as it is often used as an umbrella term. There are few things that can be traced very far back through human history and still be found getting used today. One such thing is amulets. The word amulet itself can be traced back to its Latin origins with the word amuletum, which roughly translates to "an object that protects a person from trouble". Because of its ancient roots in Latin, we will find the same amulet meaning in Hindi, French, Spanish, English, or any other language it is translated to. Across all cultures, it is a term used to describe an item of protection. Both of the talisman and amulet meaning in hindi (and in Sanskrit also) is Yantra or Mandala. However, while the meaning of amulets is the same across cultures, what an amulet looks like may differ. You may find an amulet of gems, stones, statues, coins, or anything else a given culture may put value in.

Amulets and Magic

In ancient Egypt, amulets would be used to honor certain gods and be worn in hopes of being blessed by that god. For example, pregnant women would wear certain amulets to honor the goddess of childbirth to be blessed with a healthy pregnancy. Ancient Romans would also honor their gods with an amulet of certain gemstones.

World of Amulets

In Taoism, a spiritual tradition from China, there is something called "fulu" which is a special type of calligraphy that is said to be able to protect people from evil spirits. Since "fulu" is used to protect people, it is an amulet in some ways. Some cultures in Japan have something similar called an ofuda. Amulets are also a big part of Judaism, which one such item, famously, being the Star of David, which is used for protection. Similarly, in Christianity, famously, the crucifix is an amulet often believed to have the power to ward off evil and the devil. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the human history of cultural and religious uses of amulets, There are so many other examples, that it would take too long to list. However, it does give a good idea of how prevalent amulets are. But, what about talismans?

What is Protective Talisman Meaning

What is a talisman? A talisman is an item bestowed with a religious or magical power that is meant to do anything from protecting, healing, or even harming those for whom the talismans are created. Talismans are often lightweight objects that can be carried around by someone in a number of ways. However, it can also be a permanent thing, with some talismans being made directly into architecture. Talismans are often closely associated with amulets since they fill the same roles. But a key difference is in what they are made from. Talismans are often found to be items like clothes, weapons, or objects inscribed with magic texts. canvas talismans are popular as wall arts.

Powerful Good Luck Talisman

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word talisman can be traced back to be Greek in origin. In the world of Islam culture, talismans would be regularly used for a variety of uses. Such as personal or ideological reasons. They would be used as a way to channel divine protection. It could be used to both attract positive energies to the person with the talisman and for protection from danger and evil.

World of Talismans

Some medieval European cultures would use talismans for medical use. With some groups specifically believing that talismans would be needed to conceive a child. In Judaism, the Seal of Solomon is believed to be the most powerful talisman. Talismans are just like amulets they can hold a lot of power in them to protect the people who are wearing them. And, they aren't just a thing of the past. Even today, amulets and talismans can be found all over the world protecting those who have and believe in them. Now question is, what kind of amulets and talismans that we make for you?

Some more details about Yantra which I make

The yantra which I create is completely drawn by my hand itself. Thus drawing process of the amulet is begun according to the person’s birth time, lagna, and ideal auspicious time. When I energize it which I make, I keep the offering that suits that yantra and energize the yantra from prana, puta, palippu, siddi (traditional steps of charge energy levels into yantra ) and due chanting terms of the amulet or talisman. Whenever it has energized the offerings which need to differ from yantra to yantra. The effect and the activation of it will be felt by the body and mind within a very short period after you wear it. The amulets and talismans which I energize are not caught for foulness because they are energized by the chants of foul removal (kili harana mantra). In the present time, the people in our country use imported yantra from different countries but those are not suited for us. We can take help for any problems from our indigenous yantra which inherited since ancient times.

You can see our hand-drawn yantra samples on our Pinterest Board.

Easy to Use Wallet and Pocket Yantra

Wallet and Pocket yantra is easy to use talismans and amulets to remove life problems, attract what you need, and attain blessing. It works as a guided energy source. We gained knowledge about these Wallet and Pocket yantras from a deep meditation. Our ascended masters showed ways and images to create unique Wallet and Pocket yantra. These Wallet and Pocket yantras help to get bits of advice and support from your guardian angels and spirit guides. Also, it gives the power of cosmic energy. So don’t keep your dreams as dreams. You can win your goals. We can send these yantras to any country. We energized these amulets and talismans from powerful chants and spells. Mainly all Wallet and Pocket yantra is designed to keep in your purse however you can keep those in your handbag, shirt pocket, office table, and altar in house. We send all instructions all about how to use these yantras. You can do the simple ritual to renew its energy every month.

Maha Dharma Chakra Talisman

This energy-charged talisman is used for all success in every area of your life. We energized using ancient Vedic mantras and Buddhist chants. This is a rapidly working magic talisman. Very good talisman for spiritual practitioners. Your investment for this talisman is USD 140 without shipping costs.

Maha Lakshmi Yantra

Lakshmi Yantra benefits: This talisman gives colors into your life. Mainly used for success in business and career life. This yantra gives mental relaxation. We use the ancestral mantra that we found in palm leaf books to charge energy into this yantra. These books were old than 1000 years. Sri Lakshmi Devi (also called Laxmi Mata) is not only giving a higher fortune, but she gives us spiritual growth. She removes obstacles in the spiritual path. So Lakshmi Yantra (some devotees called Laxmi Yantra) gives full of splendor inside your home. Dhan or Dhana means money in Vedic culture. Lakshmi Goddess is the consort of Lord Vishnu and also works with Ganesha God too. Dhana Lakshmi means goddess of prosperity and wealth. She is the soulmate of Sri Vishnu God who protects us in planetary malfunctions. Ganesha God is the supreme god of wisdom and intelligence. So keeping Dhan Laxmi Yantra gives you wealth, protection, wisdom, and intelligence at once. Spiritual teachers in the western world and Asian world had taught that goddesses Lakshmi and Ganesha god work together as friends. So your investment is USD 140 without shipping costs.

Mathangeshwari Yantra

Matangeshwari Yantra benefits: This energy-charged yantra mainly use for career development in higher managerial jobs, business development for large-scale businessmen, success in the entertainment industry, and gives you better health. We can even write a whole book about the benefits of the Matangeshwari Yantra. We energize this talisman from the popular maha Matangeshwari mantra. Your investment is USD 140 without shipping costs. Our hand-drawn image of the Matangeshwari Yantra is shown below.

Mathangeshwari Yantra Images

Talisman of the Love

This is a lovemaking yantra, energy-charged to remove every objection in marriage life as a talisman of souls and increase your sexual capacity as a talisman of health. Also, this gives popularity in social life. Your investment is USD 140 without shipping costs.

Abisambidana Yantra

What you wish comes to your hand. It energizes your guardian angels and their power. This talisman of pure good helps your soul to grow into deeper spiritual dimensions. Higher-level spirit guides will assist you. This is a gem of all amulets and talismans. We use powerful Buddhist chants and spells to energize this talisman amulet. This is a super blessing yantra. Your investment is USD 140 without shipping costs. Our hand-drawn image of the Abisambidana Yantra is shown below.

Abisambidana Yanthraya

How to use Yantra to attract money instantly and find your real soulmate

To the money profit Yantra for immediate success and business development

The Mathangeshwari, Maha mathangeshwari, Siwali, Sri Buvaneshwari, Wajjamandala and Vijayaraja are the best yantra for the development of the business and money profit. These talismans are given much development by wearing with the help of the properly kept offering and energized, also we prepare an another powerful talisman called Kalaeli Washi Yantra. The businessmen are able to gain an unbelievable development from that. It is good keeping offering to the goddess of Maha Lakshmi (Laxmi Mata) for getting sudden profits.

To the marriage delay

We make special Sarvajana Washi Akarshana Yantra for the delay of the marriage. It is good for both women and men. The blessing to the successful marriage is granted. In addition to those facts, I consider and get to know the most blessed main goddesses and gods of my customers and help to make a marriage soon keeping offering for those goddesses and gods.

Saraswati Yantra

What is Saraswati Yantra?

It is a talisman created by divine forces and seers in the Himalayas and then hand over to many astrology families. Ancestral palm leaf books in Sri Lanka and India have images of this talisman. The Yantra of Saraswati uses for promoting the fortune of education. It is a symbol of education and meaning to the student. The yantra of Saraswati is drawn from a duel line of equal size in width and a long copper sheet. In the process of energizing, especially the offering must be kept for the goddess of Saraswati. It gives a huge blessing to win the exams.

The memory is increased using the Saraswati Dahana every day. As well as Saraswathi Yantra, Sri Krishna Wala Mandala is very suitable for the success of education. Also, it would be better to keep the offerings to the goddess of Saraswati and the god of Ganesha for the blessing of educational performances and success. Neel Saraswati yantra can be ordered from us then we can draw it on sacred cloth which you can hang on the wall near your altar or office.

Benefits of the Saraswati Yantra

Saraswati Mata Yantra is used for educational success from preschool to university. Also good for people who work in the entertainment industry. Are you playing a musical instrument or like to be a superstar in reality shows? Then Saraswati yantra opens an extraordinary path to your dream. It will attract you, good teachers and helpers. Saraswati goddess is a symbol of education, painting, music, art, handcraft, and dancing. If you plan to step into the performing art industry then you must wear this yantra. Saraswati yantra helps to achieve success in decision-making.

This Saraswati Yantra is very good for the learning students. As well as wearing this talisman is very effective three months before the exams. There is no other blessing yantra to compare with the Saraswati Mata Yantra which blesses for educational purposes. Memory is increased by wearing the yantra of Saraswati after the complete offering is kept for the goddess of Shri Saraswati Devi and energized.

Photo of the our hand-drawn Saraswati yantra is shown below.

Saraswati Yantra Image

Protection Amulets for vanishing enemies troubles

Keeping the proper offering and putting on the energized amulets such as Narasinghe Yantra, Kandakumara Mohana Yantra, Kandakumara Isthambaka Yantra, Kandakumara Akarshana Yantra, Sathdivyaraja Yantra is the best way. The offerings are kept for the goddesses of Kali, Badrakali, the god of Kadawara and the god of Katharagama to make vanish all enemies’ troubles.

For astrologers & priests

I write copper yantra from 100% my hands and pen. I sell all the yantras. Please call me if you want to buy those. Only one of the prices is USD 10 only (As postal charges are not included). These yantras are not energized. A massive amount can take at once.

Sri Lankan Gems Sri Lankan Stones

Nawarathna Gems and Genuine Natural Gemstones from Sri Lanka

All kinds of gemstones, nawarathna gems, feng shui items made from gemstones, and crystals that are used to attract success safely can purchase from us. Astrologically effective gems, crystals, semi-precious stones, and other types of pieces of jewelry can buy from us and we can deliver them to any country in the world. We do speed post and only you have to do deposit payment to our bank account. Birthstones, lucky stones, stones for zodiac signs, planetary gems, crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing, crystals bracelets, gemstones ornaments, 7 chakras om sterling silver natural gemstone bracelet, om mani padme hum Hindu beads, and crystal-based feng shui items can be created as your requirements. Our all stones are naturally found (not dyed material) and carefully hand-made. Yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, and healers can request custom-designed crystal pendants and bracelets.